Rhythm Bikes is a full service and repair shop

We'll work on anything from electronics and suspension to training wheels!

Most popular services

Basic Tune-up $120

(recommended every 50 hours)

Adjustments of all components, including:

brakes, derailleurs, bottom brackets,

bearings, suspension pivots, etc.

-Wheel truing

-Chain and cables lubed

-Frame Wipe down

-Full safety inspection

Super Tune-up $195

(recommended every 50 hours)

Includes Basic Tune-up PLUS:

-Complete Drivetrain Removal for Detailed Clean and Lube

Deluxe Tune-up $275

(recommended every 200 hours)

Includes Deluxe Tune-up PLUS:

-Replacement of all Cables and Housing (Parts Included)

-Full Brake Bleed (If Applicable)

-Bottom Bracket Overhaul

Suspension Services

Fork Lower Service $100 + parts

(recommended every 30 hours)

Fox and Rock Shock Lower Service includes:

-Removal of lower fork

-Draining Oil and Removing Old Seals

-Installing Lowers with New Seals and Oil

Fork Overhaul $150 + parts

(recommended every 100 hours)

Includes Lower Service PLUS:

-Removal of Air Sleeve and Damper

-Damper Bleed with New Oil

-Cleaning and Lube Air Sleeve

-Reassembly and Installed Back on Bike if Applicable

Rear Shock $70 + parts

(recommended every 30 hours)

-Removal of Air Can and Old Seals and O Rings

-Reassemble with New Seals, O Rings, and Oil

Rear Shock Float X2 $125 + parts

(recommended every 30 hours)

Includes Rear Sock Service PLUS:

-Drain all Shock Oil

-Resetting IFP

Custom Wheel Build $100 + parts

-Complete Wheel Build from the Hub up

-Tension Trued and Dished

-One Free Follow-Up True After Build